Compare Loading Time of Two Websites with Which Loads Faster

Speeding up your website is very important because nowadays search engines take the average load time of websites as one of the factors for ranking. Moreover, faster sites create a good user experience and it’s very essential on the part of website owners to optimize their website for faster loading.

There are several tools to measure the load time of your blog or website, but have you ever compared the average loading times of two websites side by side ?

Which Loads Faster is a nice web service which lets you compare the loading time of any two webpage side by side. Just head over to the home page and enter the URL’s in the text box as shown below:

Hit the “Go” button and the site will split the screen and load both the websites side by side. When both the websites have finished loading, you will be shown the average load time of each and the comparison in percentage. This is very useful, when you are comparing the load times of two websites or may be comparing two pages of your blog to find out which one loads faster.

There is another “Race” feature which lets you compare a series of URL’s in both frames. This will be handy when you are comparing a group or set of pages and want them to load automatically when the previous one has finished loading.

To try the “Race” feature, click the Race link on the site’s navigation menu and enter the “sets” of URL’s one by one

The test results can be shared with anyone using the share button (see example). Thanks to DownloadSquad for the tip.

Upload and Remix Videos Online With Stroome

Stroome may be simply (and correctly) dubbed as the world’s most inclusive online video editing community. It’s a place where anybody who owns a camera and has a viewpoint can buff up, distribute and endorse their content to a budding audience of millions. Every and anybody including students, journalists, bloggers, travelers, activists and sports enthusiasts who want to produce new content for the web or for themselves can use this tool.

Those who join the site can upload video recordings and merge these clips with pictures, audio tracks and other video footage offered online in a video editor which bears a similarity to  iMovie, albeit with fewer features (for example, there is no method available by which subtitles and other forms of texts can be incorporated). The ensuing video may then be saved as an assignment and shared with either a cluster of associates or the complete Stroome community. It can also be shared using diverse social networks like Facebook, so you can get frank feedback on the work you have done. However, there is no facility to republish content on YouTube or some other video sharing website yet.

Furthermore, an online editor is made available for you to upload a file and work on it from your browser.  This means that you can be working on a photo, and when you want to get a sincere opinion from others about what they think, you can just email them the relevant link. They will be able to view the photo you are working on, just like you are viewing it, and propose adjustments as if they were there with you.

Over all, Stroome is a very useful social tool to edit videos and instantly share them with the world.

A Visual Search Gallery For Bing Wallpapers

Bing’s approach for its home page has been tremendously  successful. Not only do the users love it, Google is even accused of trying to copy it for a short bit. the only thing users aren’t too happy about is the lack of any feature to search and view all the past wallpapers in a neat tool. Well, Bing has just launched a visual search gallery for all the previous wallpapers.

The visual search gallery is extra-ordinarily organized and lets you get to the desired image within seconds. The top row displays filters based on regions such as Asia, Europe or North America, while a series of filters on the left let you narrow down your results even further. These include filtering results by country, regional groups, categories, sub-categories, colors and even seasons.

The images can be sorted by date or by name and each thumbnail includes the date of the wallpaper and the location of the image. Clicking on any image displays a larger picture along with the ability to zoom in/out of the image and more information about the venue/subject of the picture. There is also an option to browse through some of the editor’s picks as well as viewing all the past wallpapers on the same screen. The gallery is part of Bing’s visual search beta that allows users to search through images rather than using text.

If you are interested in downloading Bing wallpapers, here is an excellent tool that downloads the fresh Bing wallpaper every day and make it your desktop wallpaper.

NotiFinder: Set Up Email Alerts For Relevant Craigslist Postings

Craigslist is one of the most popular and effective classifieds website. However, visiting the site again and again and going through hundreds of listings just to look for that one particular thing doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. NotiFinder is a dead simple app that changes that by emailing you relevant listings.

Start by specifying your city and country and then move on to select what item/job/topic you are interested in. As soon as a classified is posted matching your specified criteria, Craigslist will send you an email with a link to that listing.  You can also choose to receive these updates once daily or once weekly. Search criteria that you specify can be pretty broad or narrow depending on your requirements. For example, in addition to specifying that you are looking for a car, you can also enter a price range for your desired car and NotiFinder will only send you an email if the car falls within your specified price range.  Similar to the price range, other categories also have additional criteria that can be used to narrow down your search results.

With an easy-to-use interface, no hassle of signing up for an account and a dead simple idea, NotiFinder is one of the most useful Craigslist tools on the web. Is A Simple But Feature Rich Online Notepad/Pastebin

When it comes to putting text on the internet, you’d think a pastebin would be the best bet. Of course, it is. Pastebins have been around since 2002, when came out probably one of the first paste bins around. Now, a pastebin is a simple thing. You put text. You get a url. The page at that url shows the text you put into it. Simple. However, with time, pastebins have evolved too, both on the feature-side and appearance-side.

Recently, I found (you can call it written, I suppose) I think it’s the best pastebin ever built.

The thing about most other pastebins that I don’t like is usually the design of the output page or the dearth of text formatting options, code formatting (or lack of), prominence of ads on the output page and the inability to set font size. Basically, I want my text to look good and have it published in the least time.

Wrttn solves all those problems, and does a lot more.


  • Clean layout non distracting from the real text.
  • Custom CSS if you want to customize your content, this is the way to go.
  • No Ads no advertisements, branding, logo, no nothing except your content on the output page.
  • API available fetch your content from another app through an api. The content arrives in clean html.
  • Media ready Put a link to a YouTube video and Wrttn will automatically embed it. Neat. 

Demo of the output page:

The best part is that when you send the link to somebody, only your text is visible on the page. Nothing else. You have to check the url to see if you’re on a wrttn page. And there’s also formatting with Textile and Markdown markup systems. That’s basically the same formatting system used in Gmail Chat. *bold* _emphasized_ .

When you save a wrrtn document and get the public url, you also get an admin url. You can save this admin url if you wish to delete or edit your wrttn post later.

Wrrtn is developed by Joel Monegro from Florida, US.

Before, my favorite pastebin was

Webby Wednesdays: Edit PDF Documents Online, Create Beautiful Slideshows and Share Ideas on an Online Whiteboard

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some web services which we found useful during the course of this week.

PDFEscape: Edit PDF Documents Online

When you want to edit a PDF document, you are in a fix. This is because you might not have a PDF editing program installed in your computer. Yes, there are tons of software available to edit PDF documents but why install another software when you can edit a PDF document online.

Thanks to PDFEscape, editing PDF documents is really easy and quick. The site lets you upload PDF documents from your computer and then opens a browser based editor where you can modify the content of the document. You can add text and sticky notes to the PDF document and highlight specific areas using arrows and objects.

After the editing is complete, the site lets you download the modified document to your computer. This is extremely useful when you need to edit a PDF document urgently and don’t have the time to download a PDF editing software. Apart from uploading documents from your computer, you can also fetch a document from a publicly accessible web URL.

No registration is required to use PDFEscape and it’s completely free to use. Only one limitation the file size of the document must not be greater than 2 MB.


Thanks to Himanshu for the tip.

Kizoa: Create Stunning Slideshows in Minutes

Kizoa is a brilliant online slideshow service which lets you upload photos from your computer and turn them into a slideshow. Then you can transitions and cool sound effects or play a background music, perfect when you want to organize your memories and add a fun element to it.


Besides the slideshow, Kizoa also have a rich image editor which can be used to edit your images online. You can apply filters, resize or flip the images, crop them and then use them in a slideshow. Once the slideshow is up, you are provided an embed code which can be added to your blog or website. (see example)

Sneffel: Share your Ideas on an Online Whiteboard

Sneffel is a very unique web service which lets you create an online whiteboard for idea sharing. You can create a Sneffel boardand invite collaborators to your board. Then the entire team can write or draw on the board, as if they were working on the same document. The content of the board is updated in real time, so all the members can easily share their thoughts and ideas.

Sneffel lets you add the Sneffel board to your blog or website via an embed code. This feature may be useful for personal blogs, you can add a Sneffel board to your blog and let your visitors draw or write anything on it. Pure fun !

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Mugtug Lets You Draw, Sketch and Edit Photos Online

If you are looking for a simple image editing tool but don’t want to go on a downloading spree, Mugtug offers something very useful. The web-based app by Mugtug is called Darkroom and is based on the latest HTML5 standards.  With Darkroom, you can edit images from anyplace in the world without the need to login.

Furthermore, it gives you the capability to quickly and simply perform essential edits of photos via full compositional tools like the crop, zoom and rotate. Darkroom also offers dozens of photo affects and each of them can be previewed by moving your mouse over it. You can also tweak photos by playing around and tweaking the exposure, contrast, saturation, brightness and even the white balance.  However, Darkroom does not seem to be designed for pixel level editing, so options like a clone brush or healing tool are offered.

In addition Darkroom, Mugtug also offers an online drawing and sketching tool called Sketchpad. The tool provides a classic painter’s tool set including  paintbrush, autoshape, texture stamp, and spiral brush. Every tool has an extensive array of modifications, together with flow, opacity, diameter jitter and many more. Each and every tool in Sketchpad may be employed in two diverse blending modes: paint and light. This immediately has a twofold effect on your color and texture combinations. A mixture of light, paint, stamps, and the spiral brush leads to the creation of dramatic and eye catching textures in your work.

There is also an option to import images from your computer or from your Mugtug account for those of you who do not prefer starting out on a blank canvas. Additionally, Sketchpad is completely incorporated into the Mugtug community, allowing you to save, tag, manage, and share your creations with others. For those of you who like to experiment with snapshots,  you may do so with this software by adding new aspects into the composition, inserting notes, or overlaying text.

Old Spice Man Voicemail Generator

If you have been on social networking sites like , and Reddit in the past few days, you might be aware of the Old Spice Man who has generated a rage on the internet with his videos.

The videos were a clever marketing strategy to leverage social media for a brand, and boy were they successful. If that was not enough, a new Old Spice Man voicemail generator has been released which can be customized to create a ringtone based on several options.

Old Spice Man Ringtone Generator

To generate Old Spice Man voicemail, head over to and choose your personality, after that enter you number and select the options you want as your voicemail and click on the "Make me the Old Spice Man!" button to download your ringtone, pretty simple and easy right.

(Source: TNW)

Webby Wednesday: Convert Partial RSS Feeds to Full Text, Get Free Clipart and View Lyrics of a YouTube Video

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some web services which we found useful during the course of this week. Get Free Clipart

If you write a blog, one of the major concerns is avoiding copyright infringement. Copyright violation can arise due to duplicate content which includes using text or images from other sources and not giving the source it’s due credit. While it’s easy to avoid copyright issues by writing the text part yourself, it’s not exactly the same with images.

When you want to use an image in your blog post, you have to search the web and find an image from any other website or blog. Unfortunately, most of the images you find on the web are not labelled with a clear message that says who it belongs to.

Thanks to sites like finding free clipart has never been such easy. Every image in the site is completely free, you can use their images in anything you publish.

They also offer several packages loaded with all of the clipart from the entire website. These can be downloaded in a couple of different formats.

FiveFilter: Convert partial RSS Feeds to Full Feeds

There are plenty of blogs who offer a partial RSS feed of their blog posts. When you subscribe to the partial feeds, you can read only an excerpt of the blog post from your RSS reader. This can be irritating because you have to click the link and visit the website to read the full blog post.

If you are a blogger and read a lot of blogs everyday, it would be a good idea to convert the partial RSS feeds to full text feeds. Thanks to FiveFilter, converting feeds is now just a few clicks away.

To use the service, all you have to do is visit this page and enter the URL of the feed in the Feed URLtext field as shown below:

Then hit the Create Feedbutton and you are done. FiveFilters will convert the partial feed to full text feed and show you a link to the full feed, grab that link and subscribe in your news reader. The site also offers a handy bookmarklet, Just drag and drop this link in your Bookmarks toolbar. Whenever you come across a partial feed, click this bookmarklet and the feed will be converted to a full text RSS feed automatically.

TubeOke: View YouTube Video and Lyrics Side by Side

While watching a video at YouTube, you might want to perform a Karaoke. You may want to read the lyrics of a song and sing it with the music. TubeOke makes this possible by showing the lyrics of the song in the same page where the video is played. Works quite simple just go to the site and search for an artist or a song name.

Hit Searchand the lyrics of the song will load in the same page, thus allowing you to read the lyrics and view the video simultaneously.

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Webby Wednesday: Get a Customized Browser Start Page, Archive your Travel Experiences and Share Windows Clipboard Data

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some web services which we found useful during the course of this week.

Favitt – Get a Customized Browser Start Page

Tired of searching multiple sites from different browser tabs? Do you want an all in one interface where you can just type the query and the results from all the search engines can be seen from   a single page? Check out Favitt, a neat web service which lets you create your customized browser start page for free.

Favitt lets you customize your search experience and add some flavour to your daily searches. After you have signed up for a free account, you can add all the popular websites, search engines, blogs or news sources as tabs on your start page.

Typing a keyword and hitting the return key shows a list of results from Google. However, if you want to perform the same search on any other website – all you have to do is select the tab from the left sidebar.

The search results from the selected site will now load on the same page. This is very useful, you don’t have to open multiple search engines and perform the same search separately.

Another great thing about Favitt is the way you can customize your browser start page. You can add links to your most visited websites, social networking sites, blogs and so on. You can also upload some really good wallpapers and Favitt will automatically rotate them at a custom interval. Cool!

Learn more about Favitt

TravelJournal: Archive Your Travel Experiences

Do you travel a lot and need a simple tool to write about your travelling experiences? Check out a web based tool which can be used to document the memories of your trips. After you have signed up for a free account, you can create a journal, upload photos, add a small bio and the duration of your trip.

After the journal is created, you can start adding entries to your journal. All the entries are automatically archived and you can also enter a custom map location which relates to the current entry. Think of Traveljournal as a personal blog where you can document anything and everything about your trips.

The advantage of using Traveljournal is that you can easily find the locations you have been staying during the trip. The service also lets you share your journal with your friends, just enter the email address of your friends and hit Share. Learn the full features of Traveljournal.

Cl1p: Use an Internet Clipboard For Data Sharing

If you work with multiple computers at your workplace, you know how difficult it can be to share Windows clipboard data between them. If the systems are connected via LAN, then you can use a text document to share Windows clipboard data easily.

However, if you use multiple computers that are not connected via LAN, check out It’s a free web service which lets you share clipboard data with anyone. All you have to do is go to the homepage, append some random string at the end of the URL (e.g and then paste the data in the provided text box.

Next, you can open the same URL from any other computer and copy the data in it’s clipboard.

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We are constantly looking for new startups, web services and cool tools which help you achieve online tasks more easily and efficiently. If you have found a very cool service or a web tool, why not share it with us by filling up this form.