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Welcome to Oriango.

It is a repository of web content, which allows you to quickly store and share your favorite web links, news, videos, sites, profiles, music, blogs, anything you need. Like most of the other user driven sites, characteristic of Web 2.0, the content on this site is user driven. People submit the content and share it with others. This makes it always updated and informative.


Use of Oriango is extremely easy. It does not require you to register with it. A unique feature of Oriango is that its interface looks like a dictionary, which is familiar even to a child. Users are provided with an easy but powerful search option.

But why Dictionary ? Let’s see what they say…

All the information added to Oriango is arranged alphabetically, as in a dictionary, this way is certain that only the name or the title will matter, allowing independence on their choices. Therefore it’s the user that chooses what is relevant, important or cool, not a group selection, votes or page rank.

Could you get the reasoning ? At least I couldn’t make out much of it.

Although, it is a new site, but it is yet to be seen, how they are going to differentiate themselves in this era of  information overload.

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