Organize Your Stylesheets Online With StyleNeat

Coding CSS and creating stylesheets can be a messy business. You have to create multiple selectors with varied values with different indentations. This can specially be a problem if multiple people are working on the same style sheet since an unorganized stylesheet becomes hard to debug.

StyleNeat is an online application that helps you organize your CSS code online. Simple copy-paste your CSS code or import the file from your computer and StyleNeat would format it into a more readable and organized code. You can also sort CSS properties and CSS selectors alphabetically. You can also switch between multi-line and single-line formatting.

You can also edit a stylesheet by providing its URL. If at any point in time, you feel the need to undo all the changes, you can do so by clicking reset. Once you have organized your CSS, you can either copy it or download it as a file to your local drive.

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