Old Spice Man Voicemail Generator

If you have been on social networking sites like , and Reddit in the past few days, you might be aware of the Old Spice Man who has generated a rage on the internet with his videos.

The videos were a clever marketing strategy to leverage social media for a brand, and boy were they successful. If that was not enough, a new Old Spice Man voicemail generator has been released which can be customized to create a ringtone based on several options.

Old Spice Man Ringtone Generator

To generate Old Spice Man voicemail, head over to http://oldspicevoicemail.com/ and choose your personality, after that enter you number and select the options you want as your voicemail and click on the "Make me the Old Spice Man!" button to download your ringtone, pretty simple and easy right.

(Source: TNW)

3 thoughts on “Old Spice Man Voicemail Generator”

  1. Those old spice commercials were sure always strange and interesting at the same time, really cool to see this voicemail, program, though I think it would be more fun if you could call people to leave a voicemail with the old spice man instead! Now that would be something really cool!

    Till then,


  2. Yes it definitely is a successful marketing campaign. They have shown how humor can really propel a commercial into going viral. I expecting marketing types to gradually catch onto this trend. Eventually we should see even more memorable ads.

  3. so once you have it, how are you suppose to make it your voicemail???
    I did a generator like this online with major league baseball once but it sent it to the phone itself.

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