Musicians, artists, and dancers platform for self promotion

If you are a musician, artist or a dancer and if you are looking for an easy and a quick way to promote yourself, you should take a look at iOpera.

Still in their beta, they have three products to choose from –

  • iOpera Showroom – platform to showcase musicflim productions
  • iOpera House – exclusively for singers
  • iOpera Manager – platform for artists to create, powerful, rich websites within minutes.

While iOpera Showroom and iOpera House are yet to be released, let us take a peek at all the functionalities iOpera Manager has to offer.

With iOpera Manager you can create your own website with just a few clicks. Use any computer connected to the internet and you can add video, music, text files, pictures and all other forms of media files. It also comes with an inbuilt Search Engine, that helps you market yourself and also find media content you might be interested in.


Some of the other features are:

  • You can promote yourself, a festival, a concert tour,
  • You can share your schedule, performances, recordings and picture,
  • Now your friends, family and audience can be updated with latest updates about you.

iOpera is a paid monthly service, which costs $3.29 a month. Try the 7 days free trial and decide if iOpera is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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