Mugtug Lets You Draw, Sketch and Edit Photos Online

If you are looking for a simple image editing tool but don’t want to go on a downloading spree, Mugtug offers something very useful. The web-based app by Mugtug is called Darkroom and is based on the latest HTML5 standards.  With Darkroom, you can edit images from anyplace in the world without the need to login.

Furthermore, it gives you the capability to quickly and simply perform essential edits of photos via full compositional tools like the crop, zoom and rotate. Darkroom also offers dozens of photo affects and each of them can be previewed by moving your mouse over it. You can also tweak photos by playing around and tweaking the exposure, contrast, saturation, brightness and even the white balance.  However, Darkroom does not seem to be designed for pixel level editing, so options like a clone brush or healing tool are offered.

In addition Darkroom, Mugtug also offers an online drawing and sketching tool called Sketchpad. The tool provides a classic painter’s tool set including  paintbrush, autoshape, texture stamp, and spiral brush. Every tool has an extensive array of modifications, together with flow, opacity, diameter jitter and many more. Each and every tool in Sketchpad may be employed in two diverse blending modes: paint and light. This immediately has a twofold effect on your color and texture combinations. A mixture of light, paint, stamps, and the spiral brush leads to the creation of dramatic and eye catching textures in your work.

There is also an option to import images from your computer or from your Mugtug account for those of you who do not prefer starting out on a blank canvas. Additionally, Sketchpad is completely incorporated into the Mugtug community, allowing you to save, tag, manage, and share your creations with others. For those of you who like to experiment with snapshots,  you may do so with this software by adding new aspects into the composition, inserting notes, or overlaying text.

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