Memonic: Clip Portions of a Webpage and Share With Your Friends

Reading blogs and sharing content with your friends or readers is good but there are some problems when you want to customize the page you are going to share.

Some blog posts have lots of paragraphs and you may want to share only snippets from the post. There may be some websites with horrible designs, thus sharing only selected portions of the page makes sense.

There are quite a few web clipping tools out there but Memonic does the job perfectly. The site lets you clip and share selected portions of any webpage with anyone, through a bookmarklet, a WYSIWYG editor or from your email inbox.

Clip Content from a Webpage with Memonic Bookmarklet

First, sign up for a free account on Memonic. Once you are in, drag and drop the Memonic bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar.

When you want to clip a portion of any webpage, simply hit the bookmarklet and Memonic will open the following interface:

Hit “Save” and the snippet is saved to your Memonic account which can then be easily shared with anyone via Twitter, Facebook or email.

Your Memonic account behaves just like an email inbox – you can save all the clips, forward a clip to anyone, label a group of clips, create sets and so on.

Send a Clip to Your Memonic Account From Email

Another neat way to use Memonic is from your Email account. Works quite simple, compose a new email message and write your notes in the message window. Next, upload all the files and images as attachments and send the email to [email protected].

All done, your email message will be converted into a new clip which can then be shared with anyone from your Memonic account.

Memonic also has a WYSWYIG editor which lets you compose   clips from scratch, add hyperlinks or images. All Memonic items can be either made public or private, you can also combine a group of clips to create a “Set”. A “Set” can then be shared with your friends or contacts.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Brilliant. Memonic has all the tools you need for clipping content from blogs or editorials. You can use Memonic for organizing and aggregating information from different sources at one place.

The free account lets you store a maximum of 90 clips, which is enough if you keep deleting the older clips at regular intervals.

Techie Buzz verdict: 5/5. (Perfect)

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