Make YouTube Safe For Children With The Safety Mode

With thousands of videos uploaded every hour, it is easy for your kids to lose their way on the website and stumble upon some inappropriate and illicit content. Most of the browser add-ons or plugins would not work well because it is just impossible to filter millions of videos. However, YouTube has a feature in place called the safety mode that can keep your kids away from explicit content.

To turn the safety mode feature on, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Safety mode is off. Once you click on it, YouTube will let you click the on radio button and save your settings. You can also save it and lock it for the browser so you don’t have to do it again. Once locked, the safety mode can only be turned off after you enter the password for the YouTube account. After the safety mode is turned on, inappropriate videos would not even display when searched for. In our example below, the 770,000 videos YouTube has for the keyword Porn completely disappear when the safety mode is turned on.

[Via MyDigitalLife]

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Tehseen Baweja

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  • Vinod

    Thanks Tehseen for the post. I desperately wanted a mechanism like this for my children while using youtube. Good to know about this feature

  • Ina

    thanks a lot. my little sister is 8 and she goes on youtube all the time. i can’t watch her all the time and i wanted a way so that she could go on youtube without me having to breathe down her neck all the time. it even blocks comments.

  • Guster

    I wish Youtube would narrow it down a little more. My kid is a 6 year old boy, and the “Safety” filter still doesn’t filter everything I don’t want him to see, but it’s a step forward.