Make Crazy Designs and Patterns with Repper

Repper is a fun and easy-to-use website to create eye-catching designs and patterns from your images. It enables you to  create, share and find cool patterns and designs. You can use Repper to create textile patterns, posters and beautiful patterns for your desktop, personal webpage  or social profile background.

Repper uses a kaleidoscope-style mirror effect to generate patterns from the image. You can adjust the width and height of the box to vary the effect accordingly.

You  can create your design in  just 3 easy steps,

1. Just load a random image or upload your own image onto the website.

 2. Resize  and drag the box to change the pattern.

3. Save your design. You can either link to it from your social profile or webpage, or download the pattern to your computer.

Repper will host the designs for you, so you can link to them on your social profiles. You can also search the pattern database for some cool designs by any combination of tags, color and size.

All designs can be used publicly under the Creative Commons license for non-commercial use. Check out the video tutorial here to see Repper in action.

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