Localti.me: Find Out What Time it is Anywhere in the World

Localti.me is a web service that enables you to easily find out what local time it is anywhere in the world.   It provides you the almost every information about the place you are searching for including current time, weather conditions, exact map location, time zone, currency used etc.,

It also displays the local featured headlines via Google News, geographical information and statistics. It even provides you with useful information like the type of electric outlets used, driving style (left or right), local images from Flickr and Panoramio.

Localti.me is an effective way to quickly get to know about any place in the world. Its key features include,

  • Local time, day, date and time zone
  • Weather conditions
  • Local featured headlines
  • Geographical information
  • Local photos from Flick and Panoramio
  • Types of electric sockets used
  • Local currency used, currency conversion tool
  • See the location of the place via bing maps

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