Learn How To Swear In 200 Different Languages With YouSwear

Let’s face it, swearing in a foreign language is cool. Not only that, if you have a group of friends from another culture, the best way to get close to them is to learn some swear words from their language so you can feel more like a part of their team. And YouSwear is fantastic tool to learn that.

YouSwear teaches you how to swear in over 200 different languages from all over the world. The languages are sorted in alphabetical order and clicking on any language displays the swear word, its translation in English, and an option for you to vote it up or down based on its accuracy. Many words and phrases are also accompanied by handy pronunciations. ¬†While some languages only contain 5-6 swearing terms, some have a large list for you to choose from. ¬†These include simple words as well as large phrases describing actions. You can also search the collection, submit your own swearing words or browse through the ‘Swear of the Day’ feature.

The website is not ideal for minors or people who easily get offended with this stuff.

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