Create a Job Board in Minutes With jobberBase: An Open Source Job Board Software

It’s recession, right? But who cares. We all need jobs, work to do, money to earn & bread to eat. The internet just makes the task a little more easier.


jobberBase is a free and open source server software that gets you a job board site up in minutes. It’s based on Php and MySql and licensed under a MIT license which in non geek speak means that you can use the application for commercial purposes.

The default design of the software is very slick and easy on the eyes. A navigational bar on the top makes browsing easy. Coming to the features, jobberBase is no dud. Users can post jobs without an account, there’s a powerful search facility, there are RSS feeds and also javascript widgets to embed on other sites. Setting up a job ad is a piece of cake. Only the most basic details are required. Give it a title, mention whether it’s full time, part time or a freelance gig, enter the location and then give it a detailed description.


If you job is interesting enough, applying to it won’t be a difficult task either. All the applicant will need is name, email and a nicely written message or he/she could simply upload a resume file. Once again, no registration necessary on the applicant’s part.

jobberBase is already used on a wealth of sites. I liked how this job site from Singapore has modified the layout and brought out a very refreshing design. And then there’s also this job board for 7-figure jobs, check it out.

If you’d want to set up your own job site on your server, look no further than jobberBase.

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Keshav Khera

Keshav Khera is a young freelance writer from India. Alongside writing for the web, he also attends school and tries not to bunk classes. He keeps interest in music, table tennis, reading and of course, twitter (@keshav)