Indite is a Home Grown Cloud Writing Tool–Now in Beta!

It is not often that you find enterprising web apps from Indian developers that cater to a diverse group of people. (Forgive my ignorance if you do, and send their links to me) So when I am asked by one of the developers, a friend of mine on Twitter, of this brand new online writing app I pretty much jump at it like a really hungry direwolf on a bunch of scared stags.

Indite is a… how do I put it… writing and thought aid that features a very minimalist, distraction-free environment (for the most part). The developers describe it as a “spatial text editor” that, in turn allows you to create short snippets of texts or “blurbs” across multiple sheets. These can be collated later and downloaded as a plain text file or a rich text file with formatting.

It holds great use for  me as a mind mapping tool to lay out the different aspects of a story, an essay, or even this post:-


You simply click on any region of the screen and start typing. A tiny box will pop up to show you what you have written. You can use HTML markdown to format the text  and that is just *very nice* if you ask me. There is no save button anywhere in the app, because everything is automagically saved. All you need to do is login to Indite to see your thoughts arrayed across.


Collating text to export is as simple as selecting the blurbs you want and pressing Ctrl+J (if you are on a Mac, ⌘+J) and it opens up a new window with the blurbs in an ordered manner along with an option to save it to disk.


It is indeed quite a charming little app, currently in an open beta. However it does suffer from being slightly sluggish. I am not entirely sure if it was just my ancient laptop. There is no mobile version for this as of now. The app, however, does load on an HTML5 capable browser and is even slower than on my laptop.

The app also needs an active Internet connection and has no failover if the connection is lost and you type away happily and shut the page down without exporting and saving it.

That said, it is still in beta. I cannot wait to use this when it comes to a portable device!

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