IESurfGear: Wipe Out Clutter from Webpages in Internet Explorer for Easier Reading

Many blogs are difficult to read and navigate. Sometimes they aren’t compatible with your browser or use poor color combinations. Dark backgrounds, small fonts and catchy colors make blogs hard to read. Whenever I see a page with a black background and green fonts, I close the window.

There may be some websites that are so good, you hate to miss out on them. You want to read them but the poor design makes it difficult. If you use Internet Explorer, the IE Surfgear add-on may help you solve this problem.

The add-on can increase the font size and remove dark background colors and images from web pages. This gives you a clutter free and easy to read environment. Once the add-on is installed, you’ll see three new buttons on the toolbar after you re-start Internet Explorer.

When you land on a page with a bad design, hit those three buttons one by one. The add-on  first removes background textures, then alters the fonts to fixed size and resets the text colors.

Following is an example of a page where I used the add-in to remove the background image:

The extension works with Internet Explorer 5 through Internet Explorer 8. A similar tool which we discussed earlier are TOC Monkey script and Clippable (browser bookmarklet).

Techie Buzz Verdict

The extension wipes out clutter from web pages but what about the other browsers? I would love to see SurfGear working on other browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. The add-on is fine but it feels tiring when you have to install different add-ons for different browsers, just for a small purpose.

Techie Buzz rating: 2/5 (Average).

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