Iagram Is an Encyclopedia Of Diagrams

Diagrams are one of the most unique and simple ways to illustrate a concept. They often work where words don’t. However, searching the internet for diagrams isn’t easy so Iagram has put together a collection for you. Iagram is an encyclopedia of diagrams nicely arranged in an alphabetical order.

So whether you need a diagram to explain the solar system to your 5 year old or want to know what an HDMI cable is made up of, Iagram has it all. In addition to the easy-to-use browsing feature, Iagram also lets you search for diagrams or browse by category such as  Science and Technology, and Geography and places. If you like something, you can also share it on your Facebook profile.

One thing the site currently lacks is to let people submit their own diagrams. This focus on user-based content would allow Iagram to grow tremendously. Another nice addition would be to enable discussions around each diagram so the site becomes more interactive. Over all, it is a great resource for somebody who is searching for diagrams.

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Tehseen Baweja

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