How To Find Backlinks To A Website

Anybody who knows about search engine optimization understands how important high-quality backlinks are to a website. The more backlinks you get, the higher you rank for a search engine query. However, how does one go about seeing what backlinks a specific web page or website is receiving?

Here is a little tool to help you with that. Backlink Watch is a crappy looking but very useful little tool that gives you a detailed information of backlinks for any website. Just enter the URL and wait for the report to generate. The tool will tell you the total number of backlinks and then give details of each link including the PageRank info of the linking website as well as the number of outbound links the linking website has.

The tool also raises a flag if any abnormal tag, such as the nofollow tag, is used. The report also displays the exact anchor text used by the referring website. You can click on any of the links to go to actual referring web page.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Even though Backlink Watch has a poor interface, it is a highly functional and useful tool to get backlink information for any website. It can be used as a first step to analyze the number and quality of backlinks a website is getting so appropriate steps can be taken to optimize the search engine ranking.

Rating: 3/5

25 thoughts on “How To Find Backlinks To A Website”

  1. There’s also the yahoo link: command. It doesn’t give you as much information as backlink watch does but if u need a quick search of ur links, for example to see if someone added ur link to their site, yahoo is the tool for u.

  2. yes,this is correct back link watch is the major tool used to find the backlinks of specific website.because this tool only provides which link is follow or not .

  3. yes,backlink watch checker tool is the best seo tool to find the backlinks of specific website.additionally this tool gives which link is follow link ?and which link is no follow link?

  4. Hi you have given very valuable information here. But when checking back links why we cant see the back links site which we get through comments.

  5. This “tool” not only is as you say, “crappy looking” but it is a piece of crap in terms of what it claims to be able to do, for it obviously does not work properly. I tested it with a web site of mine, that I know has a backlink in a forum devoted to the same topic as the web article, and it came back saying there were no backlinks for this page. Wrong, for there are. I don’t just think it. I don’t just believe it. I know it.

  6. I just tested this again with a different wed site that I know actually does have multiple backlinks, and once again it incorrectly said that it has none. This thing is useless. It is completely unreliable.

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