How to Create an RSS Feed From Your Twitter List Pages

Twitter Lists 2 RSS is an online tool that enables you to quickly create an RSS feed from your Twitter list pages. The RSS feed obtained can be used to read the list stream on any feed reader like Google Reader or FeedDemon.

To create an RSS feed, just enter the URL of a Twitter list on the field provided on site and click on the ‘Get an RSS feed’ button. For instance, I entered the URL for Techie Buzz Twitter list created by Kieth to get its RSS feed. You can convert your Twitter list pages to RSS in no time using this simple utility.

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  • Nice! I appreciate this information since I’ve had to rely upon a method of importing the twitter widget directly into a page. The rss method should come in handy.

  • chris

    Twitter Lists 2 RSS does not work if the list has lot of entries. I keep getting a 400 error

    • steve


  • Sorry but this site is long since dead