Hotmail Watcher: Firefox Add-on For New Email Notification

There are a number of browser and desktop based notifiers for Gmail but not many for Hotmail or Yahoo! email services. Hotmail Watcher changes that. It is a Firefox add-on that notifies you of new email in your Hotmail Inbox without leaving your current page.

Once you install it from here, you can configure it to check your email at your desired intervals which can be between   5 minutes and 4 hours. If you don’t like the automated checking of your inbox, there is an option to manually check it whenever you want. When Hotmail Watcher does find some new email in your inbox, it can notify you through a sound alert, display alert and/or a blink alert. As you can see, there are a number of customizations that can be done to suit your needs. The tool does not ask you for your Hotmail username and password but rather works based on cookies set by Hotmail. That means, after installing the add-on you will have to login to your Hotmail Inbox once.

Hotmail WatcherHotmail Notifier

We have seen a number of notifiers for Gmail but very few for Hotmail. However, for a person like me who is an active Gmail but a passive Hotmail user, this tool is much better than going to the Hotmail Inbox every time to see if there’s new mail.

The add-on can be installed here. [Via ghacks]

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