Hide Your Text From Search Engines With HideText

You post your email address on a discussion forum and next thing you know, your inbox is spammed with all sort of jargon. This potential problem always remains whenever you post any sensitive information online. One option is to restrict yourself from posting information online, but that is more of a compromise than a solution.

A proper solution is to convert all your sensitive information, such as email address, into an image and post it on the internet as an image. This way, humans will still be able to get the information but it would keep all the spamming bots away. A great tool for this purpose is HideText.

Simple enter the text you want to convert and choose the font details. HideText will convert your text into an image that you can use anywhere fearlessly. No need to post your email address in crazy formats like john AT gmail DOT com any more. Just convert it into an image using HideText and you are all set.

Once done, you can either link to the image directly or download it to your local drive.

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Tehseen Baweja

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