Hide Your Browsing From Others Using Vanishd

Hide Your Browsing From Others Using Vanishd

If you have nosy co-workers or simply annoying friends who are always interested in what you are browsing, you will come to love Vanishd.

Vanishd is a web service that lets you hide your browsing by hiding the actual web page behind a dummy one. The dummy web page can be an excel spreadsheet, a presentation or any such document that would convince other people you are doing some serious work. Meanwhile, you will be able to browse any website from a short, customized window opened inside that web page.

If somebody comes by and is looking at your computer you can simply do a right-click to make the actual website vanish and only leave the cover website on. When you want to revert back to your browsing, simply click the small Vanishd button on the top left corner of your browser window. You can also drag and drop the small window to fit it within your cover website and make your browsing comfortable.

Check out the video below for more details on how Vanishd works:

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