GQueues: A Task Manager That Syncs With Your Google Account

With hundreds of to-do lists and task managers available on the web, it is hard for any one of them to stand out. But GQueues still does that partly because of its rich features but mainly because of its seamless integration with Google. GQueues allows you to sign-in with your Google account so you don’t have to waste couple of minutes filling out a registration form.

Once in, you can start making Queues and add tasks to your Queues. Each Queue can be renamed and have a unique color to easily distinguish it from others. Items can be added to a queue with a single click, can be duplicated, sync with Google calendar, add tags or even add notes to each item. Items within a Queue can be easily re-arranged by dragging them to the desired position. The whole queue can also be reordered by date or item name.

Clicking the check box next to any item marks it as complete and move it to the ‘Completed’ tab of that queue. All open items can still be viewed in the ‘Opened’ tab. Complete queues can be shared via a permanent URL or embedded in a web page or blog. Queues can further be sorted into different categories such as Home, Work, Fun or any other ones you need.

Even though most of the features are free, GQueues does offer a lot of premium features for $25/year such as email/SMS reminders, assigning tasks to other users or advanced integration with your Google calendar. Gqueues can also be integrated with Google Apps which makes it all that more useful. Here is a video showing off some of the features offered by GQueues:

[Via LifeHacker]

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