100000 Google Wave Invites Coming Soon

Mashable reports that Google will be sending out 100,000 Google Wave invites to users starting September 30th 2009.

This revelation was made on the Google Wave developers blog where they said;

In other news: this morning we announced that we plan to start extending the Google Wave preview beyond developers on September 30th. This will take place on wave.google.com rather than the separate "sandbox" instance we are currently using, and we plan to involve about 100,000 users. In addition to the developers already using Wave, we will invite groups of users from the hundreds of thousands who offered to help report bugs when they signed up on wave.google.com.


The invites will be sent out to users who have offered to help report bugs and more, we had covered earlier how you can signup for a early bird Google Wave invite.

If you are a developer you might be able to get a invite earlier, to get started you can take a look at the Google Wave APIs and also some of the sample applications.

This is definitely interesting news since Google Wave is by far one of the most awaited products from Google, and many people are dying to get a invite to use it.

Have you been waiting for a Google Wave invite? Let us know about it.

Image Credit: O’rielly Radar

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