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I have been using for quite sometime now and the one thing that annoys me is the fact that while downloading larger files I have to use a different download manager to download files.

Though there are lots of free download managers not every one of them supports Chrome yet, fortunately at least one download manager called Free Download Manager does.

Free Download Manager 3.0 has inbuilt support for both Google Chrome and Safari and has host of other features that you will find in any other download manager.

So if you have looking for a download manager for Chrome try out Free Download Manager.

Download Free Download Manager

20 thoughts on “Download Manager For Google Chrome”

  1. I've been trying to integrate FDM with Chrome for motnhs, with no success.
    I'm seriously considering shifting back to FF…

    1. Yes,I’ve tried Google Chrome four times and am ready to remove it again. It crashes and simply isn’t stable enough for me. I’ll stick with Avant and IE8.

  2. I have also had trouble integrating FDM with Chrome. When installing, it asks for the Plug-in folder for Chrome, and then can’t find it, so creates one, but FDM still will not take over downloads. May have to revert to IE 8.

  3. Hope this helps someone.
    Here’s what I have:
    Chrome v9.0.597.107 and FDM V3.0 build 852 on Win7 32bit.
    Here’s what I did:
    1) Created a ‘Plugins’ directory manually so that the path looks like C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\9.0.597.107\Plugins.
    2) From FDM->Settings->Monitoring ticked ‘Google Chrome’ and gave it the above location.
    All is well after restarting chrome :)

  4. Unfortunatly at the moment I write this, the Free Download Manager no longer works with the Chrome. I don’t know reason for this, apparently it’s because some changes in both programs. However, there is a solution.

    Installing a plugin called “Downloaders” allows use of 3rd party download managers, such as Free Download Manager, Orbit, FlashGet and BitComet. I have tested and it works. Just remember to select “Use Left Click For Download” for automatic process, otherwise it will use Chrome itself. It also add right-click option to use download manager you specified.

    Hopefully this has been usefull for everyone who seeks help on this matter.

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