Google Calendar Gets Tasks Integration

Google Calendar has been one of our favorite services to manage events, appointments and reminders, along with getting free SMS reminders for them. Google Tasks on the other hand is a fairly new product and has definitely grown in usage by Google users who would prefer to have all things in one place.

Google has now finally integrated Google Tasks into Calendar making it more than easier to manage your tasks from a single interface.

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The marriage of both the products makes more sense, since in its original form, Google Tasks lacked a time based system to manage your TODO lists, however it will be more easier than every now.


Adding tasks is simple, just do it as your already did it regularly, however to add a date to the task just click on the arrow in the right and side and add a completion date to it.

However the tasks will not be a part of your calendar, and will appear in a separate calendar called Tasks, in addition to this users will not be able to receive SMS alerts for the tasks yet.

Here are some of the details about Google Tasks integration with Calendar, found on this Google Calendar Help page.

The Tasks gadget will appear on the right side of your calendar grid. Visit here for more information on how to navigate and manage your task list.

We’ve added a few Calendar-specific features to make it easier to keep track of your Tasks:

  • Tasks that have due dates will automatically appear on your calendar in the All Day event section.
  • To create a task with a due date in Calendar, click on an empty space in Month view or in the All Day section and select the Task option.
  • To attach a due date to an existing task, click the right arrow next to the task in question in the Task list. Then, click on the calendar icon to select a date.
  • To modify a task’s date, simply drag the task to a new date (as you would with a calendar event).
  • To mark a task as complete from within Calendar, click on the checkbox next to the task.

Google Calendar Adds Tasks [Google OS]

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