Create Short URL’s with a Bookmarklet

goo_gl_logo Earlier today, Amit posted a note here, which told you about a Firefox add-on to create short URLs with My immediate thought was:

How can I create links if I’m not using Firefox?

I wasn’t a bit surprised to find an answer at, one of my favorite spots to grab new bookmarklets. Bookmarklets will usually work in any modern web browser. If you don’t know what bookmarklets are, see this FAQ.

Now, I’ll part the curtain to display the Bookmarklet: bookmarklet

Drag the link above and drop it onto your web browser’s Bookmarks Toolbar, or right click and copy the address, then create a new bookmark. You can then move it to your bookmarks toolbar folder.

To use the bookmarklet, all you have to do is click the bookmarklet in your toolbar when you are at a page that you want to shorten the URL for. Here’s what you’ll see when you click the bookmarklet.


After the popup appears, highlight the short URL and copy it.

Here at Techie Buzz, we have also posted several other useful bookmarklets and links to lists of bookmarklets. You can find our posts about bookmarklets here.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

This bookmarklet could use some work. It would be nice if there were an easier way to grab the short URL instead of highlighting and copying. I also have to question the use of for shortening website addresses. Currently, there are far better URL shortening services out there, such as and others we’ve mentioned before.

Techie Buzz Rating: 2/5 (Below Average)

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  • Keith Dsouza

    Well you could always copy the Short URL, if you have a bit of JavaScript editing skills and can change the alert for the final shortened URL to "prompt", it will display the result in a textbox which you can easily copy.

    • Clif Sipe

      I'm sure that's a good idea Keith. I pinged the author at about this. I'm sure he'll improve it in some way.
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      • Matthew Flaschen

        I've published a new version along these lines (… ).

        • Clif

          Awesome Mathew. Thanks for being a good sport and listening to requests.

          I just tried it. I love the new function. Here's a short URL to your new bookmarklet:

          Thanks again to Keith for his post above.

  • Justin Goldberg

    The keeps exceeding it's bandwidth.

    I like google's shortening service, although it's really only built for use with google products like toolbar. Apparently they tested the other shorteners for reliability and speed and thought they could build a better one.

  • Saket

    This bookmarklet doesnt work any more. How about updating it?

    • Clif Sipe

      Hi Saket – all the bookmarklets that I’ve found lately have stopped working. However, I have updated the bookmarklet above so that you are taken to the page – look in the address bar and you’ll find that the last part of the address will have the correct short address in it for the page you used it on.

      I can only recommend the Shareaholic addon since this does not seem to work like it used to: