GMT Watch: World Time Zone Customizable Clocks

GMT Watch is a Microsoft Silverlight based website for customizable clocks. You may set any World Time Zone(WTZ) with current or specific time considering countries operating Daylight Savings Time(DST). All clocks are linked and time changes to one apply immediately to others.

To change the time, click on the digital format of the clock and adjust the time accordingly. You to choose the background color of the clock between blue, pink and black.

It needs Microsoft Silverlight installed to work properly.

Key Features:

  • Web based world time zone customizable clocks
  • Options to adjust the Daylight Savings Time(DST), background color of the clocks.
  • View the time in both analog and digital formats.
  • No registration or email required.

5 thoughts on “GMT Watch: World Time Zone Customizable Clocks”

    1. This tool helps when you are sitting in India and receiving calls from USA. :) At that time, you must know what is the time going on in New York for best customer dealing. )

  1. Guys, if you have any ideas of what more should be implemented at my site – please use “FEEDBACK” button there.
    As soon as find time – I will port the site to Silverlight 3. I already posted video help. And I will be doing a few minor improvements.
    Thanks for your feedback.

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