GetFlow Is a Superb Project Management App That Will Blow Your Mind

Let’s face it managing work load across different projects becomes impossible if you’re not using any task management or project management utility.

If you’re a full time web worker and work on a lot of different tasks e.g design, development, coding or stuff that involves team work you have to use a project management application which allows easy collaboration, structured output and an ad free uncluttered UI.

Referencing to and fro to different email inboxes, searching for information, attachments, client’s email address, sending the same messages to new members in the team it’s a very complicated cycle which you may want to bring in proper order.

Over the past few years I have seen a good number of web based project management apps but the one I am recently using is GetFlow (join the early beta here).

GetFlow, also known as Flow, is a task management app that’s going to help you organize your entire life. Whether you’re working collaboratively or all on your own, Flow is going to make getting things done a lot easier.

Creating Tasks or Projects Inside GetFlow

Flow lets you quickly create tasks by sending an email to [email protected]. The email subject will become the task title and the body of the email will be added as the description. By default, tasks you email will be added to your inbox but you can also use the web UI or iPhone App to create tasks, assign due dates, tag people and do other important things related to a project.


When you’re done creating the task, it’s added to your feed which consists of real time updates of your activity and involvement with the project. Any other member of the team can switch to your activity feed to know what you were doing, where you’re commenting, what files you have uploaded recently and so on.

Tasks are arranged in hierarchical order with a personview so you never mess up all the tasks in your timeline. Each member gets a new section under Tasksand any member can quickly find out what his colleagues were doing recently.


One of the best things regarding GetFlow is that you forget those long winded email threads. Flow’s real-time comment system eliminates back-and-forth emails, there is no need to clutter up your email inbox with the details and feedback of your project.

Flow’s real time threaded comments makes it just as easy to manage feedback on any activity, task or project your team is busy with.


As it turns out, you never have to search for any feedback or comment left by other team members in your email inbox, since all the information remains archived directly within your Flow account. Another neat feature which is lacking in other task management apps is the ability to Followa discussion.

Let’s say two of your team members are discussing over a design issue which you want to keep an eye on. Simply click the Followbutton next to the discussion thread and you will be notified when a new comment or message is posted or when the task is complete.

GetFlow is completely web based which means you never need to download any software or install any plugin on the client end,  immensely  useful for folks like me who use multiple computers at home or office. Both the web and iPhone apps have offline modes and sync enabled which helps when you’re doing something and the internet connection breaked in the middle.

Flow works great for teams of all sizes – whether you are a garage team of 4 members or a small company of 23, GetFlow works just as fine when it comes to easier project management and real time collaboration.

You can try a 14 day trial of Getflow by signing up here (no credit card required).

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