Jinni is Now Open to All [Movie Recommendations]

Jinni, called the Pandora of movies moved into public beta earlier last week which means anyone can now sign up and start using it.

Cnet regarded Jinni as “the best recommendation engine on the web. Period.” because, it really is. Thanks to Jinni’s huge movie catalogue, you can search for movies based on Mood, Plot, Genres, Time/Period, Place, Audience, and more.

You feel like watching a cheerful movie – you search for cheerful. You suddenly feel like watching a movie shot in Hawaii there, you have it.

You need not sign up to use the Jinni search. Then why is this open registrations’ a big deal, you ask. Recommendations. You can rate and add to your library, the movies you’ve watched. Just like last.fm recommendations, Jinni will provide you with awesome sweet recommendations once you start telling Jinni your movie taste.

The wait is over. Hop on and start gulping-in movies.  Here are the reviews by ReadWriteWeb and ArsTechnica