Generate Twitter, Facebook Ribbons For Your Website

Social media is all about letting people interact with each other. It is something that every good website uses to increase its traffic. There are several ways to invite website visitors to your social media profiles including text links, badges and icons.

Another great way is to display a banner on the top of your website. If you think creating these banners is a lot of work, try Social Ribbon Generator. Using this neat little tool you can generate banners for your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube profile in less than a minute.

Start by selecting the social network you want to generate a banner for. Then enter your username and select one out of several designs. Once you are done, an HTML code would be provided so you can embed the banner on your website or blog.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Social Ribbon Generator is a very simple yet productive tool to generate high-quality banners for your social media profiles. It is easy-to-use and quick. Adding more banner designs would, however, make the service even better.

Rating: 4/5

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