Generate Tag Clouds For Any Website Or Blog

Tag Clouds are an easy way for your visitors to visualize the frequency of words on the web page. WordPress offers a built-in feature for having tag clouds but a lot of other blogging platforms don’t. In these cases, you can use an online application to generate a tag cloud for your website or blog and one such application is TagCrowd.

TagCrowd lets you generate a customizable tag cloud easily for any web page, file or piece of text. Simple head over to and choose a text source by either specifying a URL of a web page, uploading a file from your computer, or entering a piece of text in the text box.

After you have selected your source, you can customize your tag cloud by selecting the language, choosing the maximum number of words in your tag cloud and specifying if you want to include infrequent words. You can also choose to show the frequency of each word within your tag cloud and group similar words. If you want certain words to be excluded from the cloud, you can create a stop-list of those words.

Once you are done, click on visualize to generate your tag cloud. You will then be provided with an HTML code that you can use to embed the tag cloud on your web page or blog.

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