Generate Fake Airline Tickets Within Seconds

Some applications are created simply for fun! If you ever want to trick a friend and prove that you really did take that flight, it is easier to do that now than ever before.

No need to test your photoshop skills! Simple head over to Ticket-o-Matic and create a fake boarding pass within seconds. Simply enter your name, departure city and arrival city, select an airline and specify a date. Ticket-o-Matic will create a boarding pass that will pass as an original 9 out of 10 times.

You can select from over 33 different airlines. The boarding pass looks amazingly real with the added airline logo, a bar code and all the small details. Once you are done, you can either email it to some one or download it as a png or   jpeg image. It is one of those applications that are created purely for fun and should be used with caution.

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Tehseen Baweja

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  • Very interesting! But this is only for fun, right? Because any fake documents could bring us to jail. oh gosh.

    • Bob

      Yes, it is only for fun, anyways on the bottom it says **Musical Ariport**

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  • catherine

    A free tickets to Figi
    For wining the Greatest Dancing Competition In The World

  • Cecilia Infante

    Cecilia will be going to India.

  • Mr. Mikesell

    Loved this! I used it for an activity with my geography students…added an authentic element to the activity! Thank you very much.

  • Michael Gough

    love it!!

  • Bob

    OUTSTANDING, this website works outstandingly! If only you could pick a seat number!