FriendSnaps Creates Posters Out Of Your Facebook Friends Pictures

allows you to connect to your friends, sometimes long lost ones you haven’t met since you left school. However, what if you want to take all the profile pictures of your friends and create a poster with it so that you can hang it on your wall as keep it as a memento?

FriendSnaps Facebook Friends Profile Picutre Poster

FriendSnaps is a new service which will allow you to take the profile pictures of all your friends and create a poster out of it which will then be professionally printed out onto quality glossy paper. All the posters will be printed on A1 size papers.

Using FriendSnaps is pretty easy, just head over to and click on the "start making your Facebook poster" link. Once you have done that, choose among the different options available to create a poster and connect FriendSnaps with your Facebook account. FriendSnaps will now automatically fetch the profile pictures of all your friends and then give you options to create a poster out of it.

Pretty simple right, however, the service is not free and you will have to pay £19.99 for creating the poster. I am not sure if this is based on the number of friends you have. Nevertheless a price you have to pay for memory. It would have been good if this service allowed users to chose which friends they want in the poster rather than adding each and everyone too.

FriendSnaps will be launching a similar service for users soon.

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