Free Text To Speech Converter

SpokenText is a free online service that will allow you to create free text to speech recordings, the recordings can then be easily be downloaded in different formats and used in podcasts. SpokenText allows you to convert text, word documents, PDF files, webpages or even a email to spoken text.

There are several options provided that will allow you to customize the recordings including the option to choose between different voices, set the words that are spoken per minute, volume of the speech and other options like making the audio public and emailing you a link when the recording is completed.


The conversion is pretty fast and you can view all the converted text and documents in your admin dashboard. From there you can download the file as a MP3 file or as a iPod format.


SpokenText also provides you with a personalized URL, you can then use to share your recordings with your friends or even as podcasts. The only problem we see with SpokenText is the addition of self-promotion text at the start and end of the recording. You will need to register for a free account before you can use SpokenText.

Visit SpokenText to Convert Text, Documents, PDFs and emails to Speech

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