Free Demographics Prediction Tool

If you are interested in knowing demographic information like a user’s gender, age and distribution across different age groups on a particular website, or for a particular search query, then you can use the free Demographics Prediction – Audience Intelligence tool from MSN.

This tool advertisers refine and fine tune their advertising campaigns, as they get access to fine details, which helps them come up with better and laser targeted keywords. It improves the advertisers demographic targeted campaigns.

The predicted numbers are based on search queries done on one month average of MSN’s search log.

The tool lets you search for information based on two metrics – query and URL.
Some query examples are : shopping (it’s obvious this niche is female oriented), formula one (male dominate here) and so on.

URL based, type in any URL and you’ll get the approximate numbers.
seems like Techie-Buzz has over 70% male crowd coming in :) :


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