Likester Is More Than The Digg For Facebook Likes

Do you hit the Likebutton on a website when you find something really interesting? It’s the easiest way to share content with your Facebook friends, hit that magic button once and a link is posted on your Facebook profile. But there are a couple of problems with Facebook Likes vs Twitter Retweets, both considered as a vote or Thumbs upfor content you have enjoyed reading.

First, Facebook likes can not be searched on the web. You can only find what your friends are liking and that too is not very convenient in the first place. Unlike Tweetmeme, there is no open directory for Facebook Likeswhere you can find the hottest links shared on Facebook or perform a simple keyword search.

The second disadvantage with Facebook likes is that there is no way to know current trends and rising likes. Twitter has a trending topicssection so you can quickly find out the trending topics that are receiving a lot of Twitter love at this moment. But trends for Facebook Likes is yet to be discovered.

Likester wants to solve both the problems, and some more.

The site lets you quickly find the topics or pages which gets the maximum number of Facebook likes. With Likester, you can find what your Facebook friends are liking, which pages they are reading, which fan pages they have liked earlier and so on. Then there is a global Facebook Like mapwhere you can filter Facebook likes within a particular geographic location.

After connecting the app with your Facebook account, you will be taken to the main interface of Likester with 5 main panels Your likes, friends, trending, like list and like idol.


The Like Listpage contains a list of webpages which have been recently liked by your Facebook friends. You can scroll through the list and check which of these pages have got the maximum likes, this is easier than scrolling through your Facebook timeline from top to bottom.

On the right side, there is another column where you can find out which Facebook fan pages are receiving the maximum votes from your Facebook circle. Note that Likester only works when you’re signed on to your Facebook account, unlike Tweetmeme which works universally.

Another neat thing regarding Likester is that you can filter topics by interest. Though the category list isn’t very elaborate, you can filter celebrities, actors, sportsman, places, businesses and applications from the Like feed.

However, what I liked best about Likester is the ability to search for specific topics and find out which webpages are getting the maximum Facebook Likes. As an example, I searched for WordPress and was shown the following result:


The first three results were Facebook fan pages, each receiving more than 20 K Likes!

All in all, Likester can be called a Digg for Facebook likes, where users can find out the currently trending pages getting maximum number of Facebook likes from all over the globe. A similar tool worth checking out is but Likester is probably better because they have the search box which lets you filter specific topics.

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