How to Find and Download Torrents Without any Torrent Client

If you want to download torrents without using any desktop torrent client, Taffybox would be useful. It lets you download torrents using a java applet from your browser.

Other than a browser based torrent downloader, Taffybox is also a torrent search engine. You can search for torrents using the search box and if you know the link of a torrent file, just place it in the search box and hit enter. When the search results are shown, click the green button to start downloading the torrent.


Taffybox is free there are no registrations or signups involved. If you are a Firefox fan, read how to search torrents from Firefox.

Download Torrents using Bitlet

Similar to Taffybox, Bitlet let’s you download any torrent file without using any torrent client. Just go to the homepage of Bitlet and paste the torrent meta file url. Bitlet opens a pop up window and starts downloading the torrent in your computer.


If you want to give a torrent link for download in your blog or website, Bitlet can be very useful. You can create a direct link of any torrent file using Bitlet code generator and paste the link in your blog so that users can easily download it. They also have a bookmarklet which you can use to download torrent files without opening the Bitlet website. So next time you want to share a direct download link of any torrent file, use Bitlet.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Both the tools are good but are no replacements of regular torrent clients. One problem with both the services is that the downloads are slow. While you can speed up torrent clients using special measures, there is no way you can speed up web based torrent downloads.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 2/5 (Average).

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