Find Default Passwords For Routers

Every once in a while you may want to reset your router to factory settings, or go to the administration panel of the router to check on the settings or secure your wireless setup, however more often than not, users do not remember their routers password.

Each and every router has a default username and password, which users can change through the administrative panel, however more often than not, users do not have any clue about the routers default password.

Searching the internet should definitely give you the default username and password for the router you own, however you can find the username and password in a much more easier way by checking a website called Default Router Password Database.

As the name suggests this website holds a database of default usernames and passwords for any manufactured router.

To find the default username and password for your router, simply select the name of your router from the drop down list and click on the Find Password button.


Once you have clicked on the button, the website will search its database, and display all the default router passwords to you in a tabular format, this table includes the vendor, the model number of the router, the protocol used to access the administrative panel, default username for the router and the default password.


Definitely worth bookmarking this website, incase you forget your router password in the future and have to reset it to factory settings, or are new to working with a router.

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