Find Bookmark Suggestions For With Bookmarks inSuggest

Bookmarks are a real nice way of storing interesting and useful sites to be accessed at a later date. With social networking bookmarking sites like it goes a step further and you can also share your bookmarks with other users.

Bookmarks inSuggest is a new Web2.0 service which will suggest you new websites based on your current bookmarks in


To get suggestions for your current bookmarks store in enter the username in the box provided and click on Continue. Once you have provided the username Bookmarks inSuggest will query your current publicly available bookmarks and suggest you websites that may interest you.


There is a option to view suggestions based on the tags you have in your account too, clicking on any of the tags will only show you suggestions for that particular tags.

So far I have discovered and bookmarked a few interesting websites, so this can be quite useful if you want to find websites based on your interest.

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3 thoughts on “Find Bookmark Suggestions For With Bookmarks inSuggest”

  1. Insuggest is something that has made bookmarking and tagging of webpages and websites useful. The tool that delicious had for the recommendations was not good. Thank you for sharing the same.

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