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is one of the best email providers, however, unlike Yahoo and Hotmail, Gmail does not provide users with unlimited disk quota. Though 7.5GB of email space will take quite a lot of time to fill up, you might definitely fill it up at some point of time.

I have had a problem with two of my backup accounts where database updates are sent thrice a day filling up in a few months. So do you go an buy more Gmail space then? Well, you might want to do that, but what if you could just delete some emails which are taking up space in your account and live with it for another few days.


But finding and deleting large images can be quite a pain. In comes Find Big Mail, a service which will help you find large messages in your Gmail Inbox and label them accordingly. You can then quickly browse through all those emails and delete them  if required to free up space.

How Does Find Big Mail Work?

Find Big Mail requires you to provide access to your Gmail account in order to work. Once you have provided access to it, it will scan your email account and label emails based on attachment sizes. The good part about the service is that you do not require to provide it with your username and password and it works on all the browsers.

Big Gmail Email Labels

Once the service has finished scanning your emails, you will start seeing new labels in your Inbox based on sizes, you will also receive an email with charts which graphically tell you about the amount of space your emails are taking up.

Big Gmail Messages Chart

The service is not instantaneous though and you will have to wait a while before it queues up your request and finishes analyzing your email. Again the analysis will depend on the number of emails you have and how large your account is.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Highly Recommended Service

Find Big Mail is a handy service if you want to quickly delete large emails from your Inbox but don’t have time to scan through them to find them. In addition to that, this service is definitely safe since it never has access to your password.

Quick the service a quick whirl and you won’t be disappointed. Another good thing about the service is that it will also work with your Google Apps account too.

Since this service is only for a one time use, you might want to disable it from accessing your data after it has finished the scan by visiting your Google Profile.

Ratings: 4/5 Excellent

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