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In my previous post, I wrote about LassPass: a free online password backup, storage and synchronization software / service. Apart from this, LastPass offers a wide range of other services like Form Filling, Site sharing and logging and strong password generation, a lot of other features which makes LastPass a must have on your most useful internet resources.

LastPass Instructions

Form Filling

The second major service (after password synchronization) offered by the software is form filling. LastPass can save you from typing in of data and credit card numbers onto online forms provided it is given the correct data. You can set multiple profiles for automatic form filling by LastPass.

Site Sharing and Logging

LastPass saves you from the risk of theft and loss involved in sending logins and password details to friends via email when you want to share site information with them. It allows secure sharing of login details. It monitors the sites being logged into.

Password Generation

LastPass helps you generate strong hack proof passwords that you will not have to remember or type. This comes in handy when your imagination fails to give you a secure password.

Using LastPass to Generate Secure Passwords

Screen Keyboard

Use an on screen keyboard while you are keying in passwords. This on screen keyboard is something similar to

With so many incredible features in one software LastPass is a clear winner.

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