Tired Of Third Party Download Sites? Fetch.io Brings All Of Them Together

Do you download a lot of movies, torrents and random stuff from the Internet and want a single place where you can manage all the downloads? How about an app which can fetch files from any download server and let you download it at your preferred time, without having to sit back and wait for the downloads to finish right at this moment?

Enter Fetch.io a simple yet useful service which lets you fetch files from any download location to your Fetch.io account. Fetch.io supports torrents, Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire and all the major third party download servers, so instead of downloading files from random servers and losing track of them, you can consolidate all of them on your Fetch.io dashboard.


After adding a file to your Fetch.io account, hit Fetchand forget about it. Fetch.io will download the file on it’s remote server and will send you an email notification when they your file is parsed and ready. Next, you can either download the file directly from your Fetch.io account or grab the URL and share with anyone who might want to download the same file.

Fetch.io works just like a cloud download manager which downloads files to your Fetch.io account instead of the local computer you are using. Many download servers have limitations on file downloads and in some bizarre cases, you may find that the file you have bookmarked has either expired or has been removed from the server. So instead of bookmarking files, movies, videos or torrents which you want to download later, you can use Fetch.io and save them to a remote server which you control.

Once Fetch.io has downloaded that file to your remote server, it’s saved on your Fetch.io account. This service is a lifesaver for users who use multiple computers at work or need to download a really large file but have doubt whether the file will be available at a later point of time.

The service is in closed beta right now, so a desktop application and smartphone support is a work in progress. Currently, Fetch.io provides a hefty 20 GB of free storage to all users, so you can store a lot of files like movies, videos and so on. One downside is that files that are protected by Captchas can’t be added to your Fetch.io download queue. Otherwise, the service does a nice job aggregating files from different download servers at one place and lets you download them when it’s convenient to you.


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