Extract Color Codes From Websites

Color combinations go a long way in the making of a website design, and there are several times when you come across websites that make use of pretty good colors. Users usually use a color picker tool to get the color codes for a color they like.

However there is a much more easier way in which you can extract all the colors used in a website. A service called I Like Your Colors reads the stylesheets from a website, and shows you all the color hexadecimal codes used on it, in a easy to view visual interface.


To extract color codes from a website, simply enter the URL of the website and click on the Get Colors button, I Like Your Colors will crawl the website and display all colors from the embedded styles as well as from the external stylesheets used on the website.

A service definitely worth using and recommended by us.

I Like Your Colors [via AddictiveTips]

6 thoughts on “Extract Color Codes From Websites”

  1. Definitely a page worth bookmarking. I’m used to colour picker tools, but this is steraightforward and 100% accurate, so how can one ask for more? I’m heading over there now to go check it out and play with it a bit.

  2. What a great tool! It’s much easier than opening up Photoshop and doing a screen capture. There’s a Firefox add on that enables users to pick colors off of web sites, but this will work great if you’re not on your own computer. I’ve added it to my start page. Thank you very much! :)

  3. If their colors are on text or not a image you can always go to view -> source -> (hit ctrl f) type in ‘color=’ and search for the text that contains that color. This works if they inline styled the text color. If they did not you could pull their CSS from their CSS link and find all their color codes in there!

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