Explore Actual Transcripts and Photos From Historical Space Missions

If you are a space enthusiast, Spacelog is a website you shouldn’t miss. It contains actual transcripts from historical space missions like Apollo 13 and Mercury 6 and shows conversations that took place between the crew and Houston. Details are broken down by different phases of the mission starting from the countdown and going all the way to the landing of the shuttle.

Each phase contains statements spoken by  astronauts  and staff at Houston accompanied by a picture of the speaker. You can click on any statement to see exactly when it was uttered and get a permanent link to share it on Twitter. During any phase, you can click on the View Map button to see the location of the shuttle in space at that time.

You can also browse the list of  astronauts  involved in these mission and read more about them. A glossary provides you more information about various abbreviations related to space missions and technology and their acronyms. Spacelog also lets you search the transcripts using keywords. Over all, it is a great site for any one who loves space missions and even though the information is limited right now, the website plans to add information for 3 more missions including Apollo 8, Apollo 11 and Gemini 7.

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