Add Useful Features To YouTube’s Video Player With EmbedPlus

Most of the video sharing websites provide a very basic video embed code to users, so that they can easily embed the video in their blog or websites. Embed Plus is a brilliant video embed tool which offers more flexible video embedding options for popular video sharing websites (e.g YouTube,Vimeo), so that you may add more features, controls, annotations and scene markers to the video you are embedding.

Embed plus’s video player is no different that other flash based video players, but it’s enriched with more controls and features. Some of the main features include movable zoom, slow motion or faster playbacks etc. You can also create custom annotations, add a suitable title or description or bookmark a particular video scene.

When the user is watching the video on your blog, he can jump to the specific “Scene marker” by clicking the forward or backward button in Embed Plus’s video player.

To get the customized video player for YouTube videos using Embed Plus, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video which you want to embed on your website and paste it in the EmbedPlus Enter YouTube video URLtext field.

2. Next, select the height and width of the video player and start adding scene markers at specific times of the video. As an example, I have added 3 scene markers at 1minute 30 seconds, 3 minute and 4 minute respectively. You can also define a custom “Start time” for the video, this is useful when you want to skip the boring introduction part of a video and want the users to skip to a particular portion when they hit the “Play” button.

3. The next step involves adding custom text annotations to the video, it works the same way as YouTube’s annotation system – pick a time, add some text and hit the “Add” button to finish.

4. When you are done adding scene markers and annotations, hit the “Get Code” button to get the customized video player code for the YouTube video. Here is how   the YouTube video will look, once   embedded using EmbedPlus’s video player:

EmbedPlus also offers a short URL of the enhanced video player (see example), so you can simply share the link with anyone without having to embed the video in your website. [ via ]

Example: Following is an example video embedded using the EmbedPlus service, you can jump to the scene markers by clicking the “Previous” and “Next” buttons.

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