Test Your Internet Download Speed

Many ISPs proclaim that they will provide you with a certain amount of download speed, for example on our network the ISP provides us with a 4 MBPS (Megabytes per second) download speed, but are you getting as much as you are promised?

DownTester is a useful software, which will allow you to test your download speeds, to verify if you are getting as much as you have been promised.

DownTester does not provide any official list of URLs to test, so you will have to find files to download which are preferably more than 5MB in size and add using the File >  Add URLs List option.


Once you have added the URLs to be tested, click on the start button or use shortcut key F2, once you start the test, DownTester will download the files you have provided and show you the test results.

actual download speed

You can test the download speeds with multiple files in order to get more accurate results, if you see that the download speed is much lower that what you have been promised, you can contact your ISP and complain about it.

DownTester is available both as a installer and .

Download DownTester

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