Download Free Tutorials For Anything Online

Did you ever think to start out learning something on your own and haven’t found the right resources for it, for example you want to take up designing and you want to learn Photoshop, or learn java on your own?

Google does provide users with a good way to search and find resources, but do you want to skip through things and just download the right tutorial?


Free Tutorial for Me is a handy online service that indexes more than 38 million tutorials, but wait they do not do it themselves, they still use Google, however they only show , PowerPoint presentations and documents in the results.

To view the tutorial just click on the view button next to the tutorial and it will load a internal viewer to load the PDF, document or presentation, so you do not even need to have any of these softwares installed on your computer to view them.

Definitely useful and worth using if you are looking for a site to search for tutorials.

Free Tutorials for Me [via Technospot]

4 thoughts on “Download Free Tutorials For Anything Online”

  1. This is a cool site and gets you nice tutorials. However, the speed of the site needs to be improved a bit .
    I also use the site downloadanystuff for downloading tutorials or any pdf files

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