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HTTrack is a web copier freeware that functions as an offline browser program. It helps you download an website to a directory on your system. Practically, you can download any website and browse the site even if you do not have internet connection.

This end is achieved by the software by creating directories and transferring images, HTML and files to your system from the concerned server. The software even retains the link structure of the actual site.

This attribute permits the user to open from your browser, the reflection of the original website transferred to the local directory, and browse all links. Thus you get the same browsing experience offline, as you would have obtained online. You can recover files that are beyond the domain, that have to be arrived at through links by activating the get-file-near-links’ option.

HTTrack also updates the mirror site so that you can view the latest version of the site offline whenever you choose. It can also continue downloads from the point they were broken if the process gets interrupted. This will save downloading time and avert the need of starting the download all over again if it gets broken up.

HTTrack has two versions, each catering to different operating systems. While Win HTTrack is compatible with Windows 9x/ XP/ NT/2000, Web HTTrack is compatible with Linux, BSD and UNIX operating systems. HTTrack when using original sources is Mac compatible. HTTrack will operate on Windows NT only if the user logs in with administrator privileges.

The software is 100% ad ware and spy ware free. This user configurable software has an elaborate online help system.

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