Don’t Understand Rap? The Internet Can Help

Don’t Understand Rap? The Internet Can Help


If you have trouble understanding Rap lyrics and can’t easily catch the references to culture, people and events in the songs, the website might be the forum you need. The website works in a way similar to that of UrbanDictionary, where people submit explanations to a reference that they understand. The explanations can then be revised and voted on by other people. Users can also add complete song lyrics; explanations to which can be added side-by-side.

The website explains its initiative as follows: With a greater understanding of lyrics, the genre as a whole can grow and be appreciated and accepted by people all over the world who like the music they hear but are confused or curious because they just don’t understand rap.

On a side note, my favorite rap lyrics happen to be from Tech N9ne‘s Sickology 101[YouTube Link, Explicit lyrics]

If you want your verses to cost higher
Then your similes gotta be hot as a live wire
You need some better metaphors
For example,
This song is a war zone and you listeners in the cross fire

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