DarkCopy: A Simple/Minimalist Online Text Editor

When it comes to online word processors, people usually don’t go beyond Google Docs or Zoho. However, there are times when all those extra features and formatting just prove to be a distraction and nothing else.

For times like that, when all you want is a distraction-free, no-nonsense text editor, try DarkCopy. DarkCopy is a simple online text writer that doesn’t have a lot of features. All you can do is type clearly and see what you are typing. No sharing, saving, font or formatting options.
It does, however, has a built-in spell checker and a full screen mode.

The dark background helps in keeping the noise and distractions to the minimum. Once you are done typing, you can copy-paste the text or save it as a text file on your local drive. It is a really good tool for GTD fans and people who don’t want clutter when they are trying to write something.

If you like the dark background idea but want more features with it, you might want to check out a similar yet feature-rich text editor from Big Huge labs.

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Tehseen Baweja

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