Cyfe – All-In-One Monitoring Tool

It is often a time consuming job for bloggers to monitor their blogs with respect to visitors count, uptime, rankings, and so on. Most bloggers rely on free services provided by different companies to monitor thier blogs, which is not only time consuming, but also a tedious job.

Welcome Cyfe, a cloud based service that enables bloggers to monitor their blogs in one single dashboard. Cyfe offers an integration of a series of third-party services under one roof and prepares a report, while you can sit back and monitor every service all at once!

Cyfe - All-In-One Business Dashboard

According to Deven Patel, a serial entrepreneur and the man behind this app, “Businesses spend up to 80% of their time collecting data and creating reports. Cyfe helps them solve this problem by allowing them to easily monitor and share all of their vital business data from one single location in real-time”.

Cyfe offers several pre-built widgets available, including Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, YouTube, GoToWebinar, Pingdom, and several others, so that blog owners can avoid spending time by individually accessing these services to learn how their blogs are performing.

Cyfe - All-In-One Business Dashboard

To use these widgets, all you need to do is select the service (or the widget), configure it and you’re done. Cyfe will fetch all the required information and instantly display a colorful graphic report within the dashboard. If you have multiple blogs, then Cyfe allows you to create different dashboards for them. This way, you can individually monitor each blog in an individual dashboard.

Apart from these pre-built widgets, you can also create customized widgets which will securely fetch data from your blog’s internal database. You can as well share all of this data and reports with your team members, customers and “virtually” anyone else.

When I first tried the service, I installed the Alexa widget and found a difference in the ranking shown by Cyfe and Alexa itself. However, I was then made clear that Cyfe displays a real-time rank, unlike Alexa which shows you a three months aggregate rank.

Cyfe is not just about monitoring your blog’s visitors counts and uptime, but also provides you to integrate your Google AdSense account, Emails, Zendesk support tickets, and so on. It also supports both smartphones and tablets. There are four plans for you to choose from – Free, Basic, Standard, and Pro. The free version, however, has a limit over the number of widgets you can add, but can be increased with the paid plans.

Cyfe Pricing

Overall, it’s a great tool and every blog owner must consider trying it once. I’m sure, Cyfe will leave you impressed.

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